Combating Fear Amidst Chaos

The world around us right now is taking a shift in an unimaginable direction and, while there may appear to be many reasons to worry, I’m inviting you to choose faith instead…

At the risk of being the one millionth person to mention the reason for majority of the world living under quarantine right now, I am simply going to say that this has been, without a doubt, a sobering experience for many. But, can I just say….there has been an underlying peace that has overtaken my soul in the midst of all that is happening.

One of my favorite passages of scripture is 1 Peter 5:6-9. It is usually a reminder for me to remember to keep a proper perspective and remain patient on God to move in my life. With the added lens of this world-wide slowed pace, it has adopted new meaning for me. Particularly the verse about believers across the world enduring the same kind of suffering. While there have often been situations occurring acutely in several pockets across the earth at various times, this has been a uniquely shared experience that has called humanity to unite in ways that have not happened in quite some time, if ever.

At a time when leaders in almost every capacity are focusing their energy and resources on taking precautions in order to slow the spread of this virus, we are also invited to do our part and remain distanced from one another physically. Can I share something with you though? I have never felt closer to the body of Christ than I do now. I have been seeing so many of my brothers and sisters stand up in faith and speak life and encouragement over themselves as well as anyone else who they are able to reach. I have seen the body of Christ move in a way that it has not done before. Even in a more general sense, we as humanity are united by this common focus and are invited to care for our neighbor as we would care for ourselves. We are encouraged to check in on loved ones and look out for the elderly and the vulnerable populations. This is a time when we have to put the petty troubles of life aside and truly focus on what is important. That is a blessing in disguise. Please know that this is not to neglect the actual suffering that has been happening as a result of these circumstances. Instead, it is a reminder to cherish every day that we have on this earth and to encourage us to express empathy and the best of what we have to offer to the world (like the people in Italy who have been speaking words of kindness, fellowship, love, and encouragement towards one another).

When the difficulties of life hit us, it is an opportunity to refocus our minds on what really matters. This prayer was on my heart a few days ago so I thought I’d share it here:


Please cover Your people. We are all made in Your image. Please help us to treat each other with the love of Jesus Christ now more than ever. Help us to do what we can to extend mercy and kindness to others. Even just a smile and acknowledgement of other human beings in this social distancing period can let someone know they are still seen. Help us to open our mouths and pray for those who are suffering. Let us extend prayer as many times as we need to until we begin to see a change. Your word calls us to pray continually. In Your presence there is liberty. Help us to pray for those still in bondage to fear and other strongholds God.

I lift this prayer to You and ask this all in the name of the Savior who’s blood has the mighty power to save souls and wash away all impurity, Jesus the Christ.


Photo courtesy of Sincerely Media via Unsplash

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