It’s Okay Not To Have Control

As I took a much needed break from my desk, after getting frustrated with my client-scheduling attempts, I was reminded of a valuable lesson…

You don’t need to have everything under control or figured out. Instead, give your best effort, let go of the situation, and trust God to work it out for your good.

These are the words that sat on my heart after a brief conversation with a coworker who lovingly helped me process my experience of overwhelm (I thank God for the people He places in the right place at the right time to help redirect me to His presence). Have you ever experienced these kinds of moments? If you have, aren’t they so wonderful? If not, I pray that you will one day.

The beauty in this simple reminder is the blessing of peace that accompanies it. Realizing that you’ve done all you can and that, sometimes, there simply is nothing else that can be done through your own efforts can be a daunting experience. God offers us the ability to put the remainder in His hands and let go of the pressure we feel to make it work. Instead, we are invited to take an opportunity to rest in a tranquil state that releases the burden of stress and blocks out the chaos that surrounds us in our daily lives.

It’s like stepping into a vehicle in the midst of a storm and hearing the noise fade away as you roll up the window, sink into the back seat, and allow the driver to take you to a new location. Suddenly, peaceful background music replaces the sounds of the storm and you close your eyes and rest for a moment. When you open them again, you see streaks of sunlight appearing from behind the clouds and you notice a rainbow appear in the distance, the sky clear up and the sun begin to beam. You made it through the storm.

Trusting God feels completely abnormal sometimes (especially if you struggle with issues of control). But, when you step into His presence and allow Him to take the “wheel” of your life, you can rest assured that He will get you where you need to go every single time (He’s reliable like that!). Another important reminder here is that you may not get there when you planned to, but you’ll get there when you’re supposed to, according to His perfect will.

Let go and be well taken care of.

Photo courtesy of Calvin Chou via Unsplash

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